Boğaziçi University
Business Information Systems


1. General

Is there a limit on the number of accepted students? 
Program accepts a maximum of 40 students per semester. 

Is attendance mandatory during the program? 
Attendance rules for each particular course is determined by the relevant faculty member.

If I attend the BIS program, can I take classes from MIS? 
No, this is not possible.

What kind of a diploma can I get from this program? 
Masters of Arts diploma from the Institute of Social Sciences. 

Can I continue to a Ph.D. program after I graduate from BIS and advance in my academic career? 
If you are graduated before 2013, you can apply to Ph.D program, ortherwise not. 

 What are the course hours? 
Courses are held between 18:45 and 21:45 on three days of the work days, between 9:30 and 12:30 on weekend (Saturday).

2. Application Exam

Is there a graduation department limitation for application? 
Everyone with 4-year undergraduate degree/diploma can apply. 

Is there any age limitation for application to the BIS program? 
No, there is no age limitation.

Can we bring both academic and professional reference letters? 
Reference letters can be either academic or professional. It is preferred that at least one is academic.

How much computer knowledge should I have in order to apply for the program? 
Computer knowledge of office programs is expected from the applicants.

Can we start the program in spring semester? 
Yes, you can.

Are informal/unofficial result documents acceptable for the exams?
Informal documents are accepted during the interview and application stage, however the formal documents should be provided by the end of the registration period.

Should I prove my English proficiency even though I am a Boðaziçi University graduate?
If it has been over 2 years since your graduation, you will need to take the proficiency exam.

If I can not pass the proficiency exam, can I join the "English Prep. Class"?
We do not offer "English Prep. Class" for BIS Program.

3. Foundation Exam

The credits for BIS501(Technical Foundations of BIS) course are 3+2. What is the meaning of this? 
3+2 means that each week in 3 hours of this course, course subjects will be discussed and in remaining 2 hours the subject will be practiced.

If I cannot succeed in the foundation exams which semester can I take these courses and how will my schedule be influenced from this? 
If you cannot succeed only in one of the foundation exams, you may take the related foundation course together with other courses which do not have this course as a prerequisite. If you cannot succeed in both of the foundation exams, you will need to take both of the foundation courses and you will not be eligible to take any other course during the semester.

What is the content of the foundation exam? Are there any recommended sources for supporting candidates’ preparation for the foundation exam? 
The information about resources of exemption exam can be asked to Arzu Tuncalp.

4. Tuition and Payment

What are the tuition and payment terms for BIS Master’s degree program? 
Please contact the department for receiving information about the tuition and payment schedule.

If we fail in the foundation exam, are the foundation courses included in the program tuition fee or do we have to submit an additional payment? 
The credit fee of each foundation course is paid additionally as 4 credits per course.

Do I have to pay the first semester’s tuition for BIS Master’s degree program before I take the entrance exam and interview? 
No. After the entrance exam and interview, if you are accepted to the program then you will have to pay the tuition corresponding to the total amount of credits you will be registered for the semester.

Does Boğaziçi University provide any scholarships for this program? 
There is no financial aid available.

If I start to BIS Master’s degree program and fail from one course will I have to pay the course credit fee again? 
After you pass the entrance exams and start the program, if you fail in one of the courses, in order to take this course again you will have to pay the fee for the course credits again.

5. Others